Did you participate in our survey?

We had 341 people respond to our survey, either using Survey Monkey or the paper surveys distributed at town meeting. Some interesting results are:

  • Most respondents took recyclables to a recycling location or set  those out for curbside collection (Question 2).
  • 60% of respondents compost at home (Question 4).
  • 75% of respondents participate in household hazardous waste events (Question 5).
  • Only 9% of respondents knew that cardboard and paper products were banned from landfills in Vermont, and the percentage of respondents who knew that glass bottles and jars, metal cans, and scrap metal were banned was less than 20%. In addition, approximately ½ of respondents knew that electronics, paint, motor oil and fluorescent lamps and bulbs were banned (Question 9).
  • Still most respondents either took E-Waste to an event or to their transfer station for disposal (Question 6).

You can see the full results here: Materials Management Plan Survey Results