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Recycling in Vermont

Vermont’s single-stream curbside recycling program includes the recycling of aluminum, steel, glass, paper, cardboard, and plastics #1 and 2 all of which are banned from the landfill. All items recycled must be clean and dry and containers should be emptied and rinsed before placing in curbside bins or dropped off at transfer stations.

A successful recycling program is dependent on the quality of material a hauler receives to be recycled. Placing items in your bin that don’t belong are contaminants which can slow down the sorting process, damage equipment and in some cases cause injury to facility employees. Here is a handy guide to know what goes in the bin!

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Recycling is a highly integrated system that must remain nimble enough to adjust to changes in market demand for materials. Haulers and transfer stations across the state manage their systems in different ways and may accept different materials at different times for recycling beyond those items banned from the landfill to take advantage of changing markets. Check with your hauler or transfer station if you’re not sure if an item is accepted for recycling.

Vermont has additional recycling programs to address items that are banned from the trash. The Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation has a handy guide highlighting these programs. Visit for more information about recycling.

Plastic film, packaging, and bags made of polyethylene (PE) cannot be recycled through either curbside collection or at your local transfer station. Fortunately, there are special recycling programs supported by area retailers and some communities that provide collection bins for plastic material marked as “PE, LDPE, or HDPE” and either #2 or #4. Click the button below for helpful guidelines to show you what types of plastic material is accepted for this type of recycling.

For a complete listing of participating Vermont retailers and information about the program:
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