Recycling tote

Recycle like you live here!

Vermont’s relatively small size, low population and its citizens’ concern for the environment provides for a comprehensive recycling program. The state of Vermont is made up of Solid Waste Management Entities (SWMEs) that help towns reduce their solid waste and provide information about managing recycling, trash, special recycling programs, construction and demolition debris, hazardous waste disposal and collection, haulers, composting initiatives and transfer stations. The Bennington County Solid Waste Alliance is a SWME for its 13-member towns.

Blue Bin Recycling

Vermont utilizes single-stream recycling in its curbside (Blue Bin) recycling program and drop off centers (transfer stations). All plastics containers labeled #1 through #7 are included, as well as mixed paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum, and glass consumable containers. These items are banned from Vermont’s landfill.

Special Recycling

Other banned items that cannot be placed in your “blue bin” but are recycled or handled in other ways include architectural paint, fluorescent bulbs and mercury containing devices, electronic waste, batteries, clothing and textiles, motor oil, pharmaceuticals, sharps, glass beverage containers, and plastic film. Each of these types of items have separate management programs.

Some transfer stations may accept additional items from local residents for recycling where supporting programs exist.

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