Hauler Registration & Licensing

In Vermont, any company or individual that hauls sold waste, including trash, recyclables, food residuals, hazardous waste, regulated medical waste, or residual waste (septage and sewage) from Vermont must obtain a permit from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR). Permits are issued for five year periods. Exemptions include services incidental to non-waste services AND where the amount transported at any time is less than four cubic yards.

VT ANR provides specific information at their website at https://dec.vermont.gov/haulers. There, one can find brochures for new or renewal of five-year permits and other information. VT ANR also has a site for online registration at https://dec.vermont.gov/haulers. Use of that site will require registering with @anronline.

For questions contact:

Cheryl Hamilton: 802-522-5949
Email: Cheryl.Hamilton@vermont.gov

Department of Environmental Conservation
 Waste Management & Prevention Division
Attn: Cheryl Hamilton
1 National Life Drive, Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704

Town Pay-As-You-Throw Ordinances

Each of the 13 towns in the Bennington County Solid Waste Alliance adopted a pay-as-you-throw ordinance. These town ordinances require that any hauler, providing services in a town, must be registered and report annually on their activity. Individual, one vehicle haulers must pay a $15.00 fee. Those with fleets of vehicles must pay a $50.00 fleet fee to cover all vehicles. All vehicles must be listed on the form. The town ordinances provides that each hauler must register by December 31st of each year. Haulers must also be registered with VT ANR (see above). In registering, haulers are also confirming that they are in compliance with the ordinance in charging based on unit-based pricing, such as per bag or per container as described in the ordinance. Ordinances for each town may be found in the Solid Waste Implementation Plan in Appendix III. For questions, contact the BCSWA board member for the town or towns in which you need to register by visiting About BCSWA.