We work with non-profits, municipalities, and other organizations to help them understand and comply with Vermont’s solid waste laws while looking for ways to help them reduce their diversion and recycling costs.

Vermont’s Handout for Businesses and Institutions is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with the state’s recycling laws. Understanding the importance of proper food scrap management will save your organization time and money and you’ll be doing your part to help reduce powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Does the public use your facility?

We offer technical assistance for recycling in public spaces and guidance in setting guidelines of facility use for permitting and hosting special events. Your organization sets the model of expectation for others to follow. Let us know how we can help.

For use in event permit applications and facility use contracts.

We also have a helpful guide on our Events page for you or to share with an event organizer to plan for a successful event.

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