Property Managers

Property managers and landlords have the responsibility to provide solid waste disposal for residents that comply with Vermont’s Rental Housing Health Code in order to have a safe and healthful environment. Successful onsite collection of food scraps, recycling, and trash happens when property managers and landlords educate their residents on proper storing, sorting, and disposal of all types of waste.

Here is Vermont’s handy guide to understanding the state’s recycling programs:

Here is another helpful guide to help residents understand exactly what is acceptable in single-stream recycling:

Food Scraps:

Effective July 1, 2020, all food scraps must be diverted from the trash. In addition, properties that have four or more residential units are required to be offered food scrap collection service by their hauler who may charge a fee for this service.

How Can We Help You?

  • Free education materials and presentations for residents about proper waste management
  • Free onsite consultations
  • Free bin signs for proper sorting
  • Technical assistance for special and other recycling sources
  • Answer your recycling questions

We also make visits to property managers and condo associations throughout the year to learn about their solid waste management practices and help them comply with the laws. If we visit YOU, we’re there to provide information about Vermont’s solid waste laws, available recycling programs, and maybe even save you some money by helping you optimize your solid waste management program.

Questions? Comments? Contact Paula Kamperman, Outreach Program Manager, using the icons below!