Some of the services the Alliance provides to support schools:

Coordination of hazardous waste disposal through our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at the Bennington Transfer Station and guidance for 3rd party disposal sources. School chemistry labs and janitorial supply rooms are two areas where we can help.

Technical assistance to assess and reduce food waste in the cafeterias and reduce reliance on disposable food service ware (FSW). We also provide illustrated bin signs for better waste sorting to reduce contamination.

Complimentary curriculum activities in environmental education from single classroom presentations to hosting school-wide recycling and waste assessment activities. An example is a Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) a fun and engaging way to learn what is in the school’s trash - a waste assessment of how everyone is sorting trash, recycling, and composting.

Food scrap diversion guidance whether you would like assistance to establish an onsite composting system or optimize your service with your hauler.

Information on other curriculum presentations such as Recycling Relay and Recycling 101 can be found in our Resource Library along with all our other support materials for schools.

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