08/06/2014 Minutes

From: Michael S. Batcher

Subject: August 6, 2014 SWIP Planning Meeting Minutes

Date: August 11, 2014

Town Representatives: Keith Squires (Arlington), Rob Gaiotti (Dorset), Dave Kiernan (Shaftsbury), Mitch Race (Shaftsbury), Nancy Bushika (Stamford), Hap Percey (Pownal)

BCRC Staff: Michael S. Batcher

Location and Time: Arlington Town Hall – 4:00 to 6:00 PM

SWIP Template: Michael reviewed the VT ANR template for the SWIP which outlines specifically what we need to provide. There was extensive discussion on how we would calculate disposal and diversion rates and whether or not information from ReTrac on transfer stations would be sufficient. Michael expressed the opinion that we would need to develop a registry system for haulers and have them report what they collect. There was quite a bit of concern as to whether or not we would be able to get information from the haulers and what level of accuracy was needed.

Current Facilities: Michael had prepared a list of facilities and asked for comment on what was missing or inaccurate. He needs information from Pownal and Rupert in particular.

Unit Based Pricing: In general, there was opposition and concern about towns adopting a unit based pricing ordinance. Steve Bendix wondered if we could ask Casella and TAM to require haulers who brought materials to their facilities to implement unit based pricing. That would leave out haulers who might move material out of state. In addition, VT ANR views solid waste management as the responsibility of solid waste management entities that should be overseeing the haulers. There was also a good deal of concern on how such an ordinance would be enforced. Many of the attendees felt requiring haulers to report and to implement unit based pricing should be a responsibility of VT ANR. That led to a discussion on organizational structure. There was consensus that a solid waste management district would not be acceptable to the town select boards, but an alliance should be considered. The group asked if we could invite representatives of each type of organization to attend a meeting and discuss their experiences. Michael had submitted an RFP for an assessment of different management structures to help us outline our options. There was discussion on who would be on the board of an alliance. Keith suggested it should be a select board member of each town. We would also need to determine what the board could and could not do to implement annual and longer term work plans. Ultimately the responsibility for implementing the SWIP will remain with the individual town select boards and the Glastenbury Supervisor.

Household Hazardous Waste: We did not get to this subject, but we do need to discuss future events and cooperation and a possible permanent facility.

Next Steps: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the BCRC office in Bennington, unless another venue is required. Michael will send out an agenda well in advance of the meeting, but we will likely discuss organizational structures either with assistance from consultants and/or representatives from other solid waste organizations and possibly HHW coordination.