01/13/15 Minutes

From: Michael S. Batcher

Subject: January 13, 2015 SWIP Planning Meeting Minutes

Date: January 22, 2015

Town Representatives: Keith Squires (Arlington), Stu Hurd (Bennington), Rob Gaiotti (Dorset), Megan Randall (Pownal), Suzie dePeyster (Sandgate), Sandy Gaszek (Searsburg), Mitch Race (Shaftsbury), Dave Kiernan (Shaftsbury), Nancy Bushika (Stamford), Steve Bendix (Sunderland), Bette Charette and Mike Charette (Woodford)

Not in Attendance: Ricky Harrington (Glastenbury), John O’Keefe (Manchester), Mark Lourie (Rupert)

BCRC Staff: Michael S. Batcher

Public: Trevor Mance from TAM attended and participated

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Staff: Mia Roethlein and Danika Frisbie of the Waste Management and Prevention Division attended to present information on the Universal Recycling Law and the Pay-as-You-Throw Requirements

Location and Time: Arlington Town Hall – 4:00 to 6:00 PM

Introductions: As with all meetings, we started by going around and introducing ourselves.

Universal Recycling and Pay-as-You-Throw: Mia Roethlein gave a presentation summarizing the Universal Recycling Law (URL) and the requirement that municipalities adopt and enforce Pay-as-You- Throw (PAYT) pricing for municipal solid waste. She also stated that she had reviewed our draft Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP), and that it looked good. We still need to add a section describing how we will calculate the diversion and disposal rates and the PAYT ordinances that have (or will be) been adopted.

Discussion: Steve Bendix asked if there would be any funding from the state for implementation of the URL. We had a discussion concerning the Infrastructure Committee and the forthcoming report. Much of the work of that committee focused on needed facilities, vehicles and containers, but there was room for possible funding for outreach and other programs. This will depend on 1) what funding mechanisms the legislature finds acceptable and 2) how much funding the legislature appropriates. Stu Hurd and others had questions on the requirement to have recycling containers in public places, including streets and parks.

With respect to PAYT, nearly all haulers in Bennington County use this system currently, though there are a few that do not. The towns will still need to adopt an ordinance. Michael has drafted an ordinance based on the state model, and requested comments for the next meeting.

Towns will be required to enforce the ordinance, but VT ANR will enforce registration of haulers. So, if a new hauler appears who is not registered, the towns can contact VT ANR first. Michael explained that, once we have an ordinance and an Alliance contract that is acceptable to all, the planning team members will need to bring those back to their Select Boards for adoption. If we form an Alliance, the Alliance can adopt the SWIP.

Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, January 27th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Arlington Town Hall. Michael will develop an agenda, which will focus on the draft PAYT ordinance and the draft Alliance contract.