05/20/2015 Minutes

From: Michael S. Batcher

Subject: May 20, 2015 SWIP Planning Meeting Minutes

Date: May 21, 2015

Town Representatives: Keith Squires (Arlington), Rob Gaiotti (Dorset), John O’Keefe (Manchester), Megan Randall (Pownal), Suzie dePeyster (Sandgate), Sandy Gaszek (Searsburg), Mitch Race (Shaftsbury), Nancy Bushika (Stamford), Steve Bendix (Sunderland), Bette Charette and Mike Charette (Woodford)

Not in Attendance: Stu Hurd (Bennington), Ricky Harrington (Glastenbury), Mark Lourie (Rupert)

BCRC Staff: Michael S. Batcher

Public: None in attendance

Location and Time: Arlington Town Hall – 4:00 to 6:00 PM

Introductions: We went quickly around the room.

Alliance Organization: This was the first meeting of the Alliance as all of the towns with representative present, except for Woodford, had adopted the contract. Bennington has also adopted the contract, but we need to hear from Rupert and Glastenbury. The members discussed the positions that needed to be filled and voted for the following officers:

Keith Squires – Chair

Mike Charette – Vice Chair

Rob Gaiotti – Secretary

Stu Hurd – Treasurer

SWIP: The group then discussed the SWIP. Michael explained that VT ANR required that two public hearings be held on the SWIP, but those could not be held until VT ANR had given preliminary approval of the document. While this clearly did not make a great deal of sense to anyone, we realized we needed to proceed. Members gave Michael several comments on the draft, and planned to provide further comments via email by Wednesday, May 27th. Michael handed out changes he has made subsequent to the last version he sent out in April. Nancy Bushika and Steve Bendix asked about comments they had made previously. Megan Randall asked if it could include something on preventing illegal dumping. The group agreed to get comments in by Wednesday, May 27th.

Keith asked for a summary of first year requirements and actions, and Michael will get that out shortly.

Operation of the Alliance: the group discussed some of the mechanics of the alliance, such as proxy voting and hiring consultants. While a small group could winnow through proposals from consultants, the Alliance should make hiring decisions as a group. The Alliance agreed to work on an agreement with BCRC to provide overall program administration while hiring others for outreach, web design and other program areas.

There was also discussion on funding. While the budget still needs to be finalized, the discussion revolved around a payment schedule. Towns would pay semiannually. John O’Keefe felt the larger towns could pay early to get the program started this year. There will be more discussion on these topics.

Outreach Programs: Rob suggested that members contact school superintendents or teachers or others to discuss their recycling and organics programs and needs. Members agreed to do this.

Next Meeting: The next meeting was scheduled for either June 22nd or 25th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Arlington Town Hall or the Manchester Town Hall.