List of Acceptable Materials at HHW Depot

Materials Accepted at the HHW Facility:

1. Aerosols – These wastes include spray paint, pesticides, and other materials generally.

Some may contain flammable materials and others not.

2. Antifreeze – Ethylene and propylene glycol based antifreeze accepted from households and

CEGs .

3. Concentrated corrosives, reactives, D.O.T. flammable solids, toxics, oxidizers, peroxides.

4. Non-concentrated corrosives spent photo chemicals, and non-hazardous liquids.

5. Flammable and combustible liquids

6. Pesticides and Herbicides – Pesticides and herbicides including fertilizers that contain weed


7. Paints and stains – Paints and stains accepted from residents and CEGs are collected for

recycling by PaintCare or proper disposal if not accepted by PaintCare.

8. Propane, Pressurized Tanks, and Fire Extinguishers (20lbs. or smaller) – Propane cylinders,

pressurized tanks, and extinguishers accepted from residents and CEGs will be stored for a vendor to

come remove the contents. The empty containers will be recycled as metal.

Materials Not Accepted at the HHW Facility

The following wastes are not handled by the HHW Depot Facility. Some are accepted at the Transfer Station as noted.

1. Batteries – Batteries are accepted elsewhere at the Bennington Transfer Station. All

batteries, except non-hazardous and non-universal waste batteries and lead-acid batteries

that are reclaimed, are managed as universal waste and include cadmium, lithium, silver,

lead, and mercury batteries.

2. Lead-acid batteries – are also accepted elsewhere on the transfer station.

3. Capacitors & Ballasts – Ballasts are placed in containers or designated accumulation areas

located elsewhere in the Transfer Station. Ballasts are managed as universal waste.

Capacitors thought to contain PCBs are managed in the HHW facility as hazardous waste

4. Used Oil and Used Oil Filters – These are collected elsewhere at the transfer station.

5. Fluorescent Lamps and other Mercury-Containing Devices – Mercury-containing bulbs are

accepted elsewhere on the transfer station. Mercury containing thermostats may be

accepted at the HHW facility.

6. Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) – Residents, businesses and others will be encouraged

to contact an asbestos disposal contractor.